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Welcome to Perth - the city of lights, sun, surf, and friendly people.

Western Australia

map of perth Western Australia is the largest state in Australia. It amounts to a third of the area of Australia, with a total area of more then 2,500,000 sqkm. Perth is the capital of Western Australia with just under two million people and is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Australia.

WA is divided into five regions; the Kimberley, the North West, South West, the Interior, and the Wheat Belt. The majority of the population live along the beautiful white sandy beaches of the West Australian coast.


swans Perth City is situated between the Darling Ranges and the Indian Ocean, and along the banks of the Swan River, 12 km from the ocean. The river is named after the famous black swans which can be found along the river. The city is bound by the river to the east and south. To the west of the city is Kings Park, which has over 400 hectares of natural Australian bush overlooking the city center and the Swan River. The view from King's park is quite unique and is a must for any visitor to Perth.

The Swan River weaves its way through the metropolitan area to the Port of Fremantle, which has many beautiful houses, restaurants, and recreational areas along its banks. The river provides an ideal opportunity for the locals to enjoy the beautiful weather and participate in many different water sports such as boating, sailing, water skiing, wind surfing, rowing, fishing, parasailing, swimming, jet skiing, or just cruising the river on one of the many ferries.

The city center is quite small when compared to other cities in Australia such as Sydney or Melbourne. The city has four major streets running east to west - St George's Terrace, Hay Street, Murray Street, and Wellington Street.

Perth Skyline from Kings Park