Perth's multicultural society means that many different religions are practiced in the state. Throughout the metropolitan area you can find churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship. Different religions are practiced here in Perth. The most common religions being Buddhist, Christian, Baptist, Jewish Orthodox and Catholic. To find out more detailed information about the different religions practiced see the list of contact numbers below.

Church Contact
Anglican Churches 9325 7455
Baptist Churches of Western Australia 9470 3081
Catholic Church 9221 7238
Greek Orthodox 9227 6588
Jewish Orthodox 9271 0539
Liberal Catholic Church 9446 7505
Perth Mosque 9328 8535
Reformed Church 9451 5034
Seventh Day Adventist 9398 7222
Uniting Church; Synod 9220 3333
BahaÌ Faith 9367 9345
Buddhist Society of Western Australia 9345 1711
Churches of Christ 9328 1499
Jewish Progressive 9271 1485
Lutheran Church 9227 8072
Presbyterian Church 9319 2208
Salvation Army 9227 7010
Church of Scientology of Perth 9221 9666
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Below is a list of some Western Australian Religious organizations and their web sites.

Links to some West Australian Religious Groups
Anglican Diocese of Perth View Website
Belmont Seventh-day Adventist Church View Website
Christadelphians View Website
Church of Christ, Warwick View Website
Church of Latter Day Saints View Website
Eckanka View Website
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church View Website
Perth Christadelphians View Website
St. George's Cathedral View Website
Christian Science Church View Website