There is a wide variety of accommodation to choose from within Western Australia. The majority of Perth's accommodation can be found within the Central Business District (CBD), the Port of Fremantle, and the Sunset Coast. Visitors should ensure that they book in advance during the local summer season, which runs from December to March. Due to Perth's fantastic climate and wonderful beaches, accommodation is often booked out well in advance.

Within the CBD you will find a large number of 4 and 5 star hotels and self-contained apartments. The CBD is an excellent base for your stay in Perth, with business facilities, fabulous shopping, theatres and concert venues, access to the nearby casino, a lively nightlife and mouth watering restaurants in Northbridge.

A twenty minute drive south of the city will take you to Perth's harbour city, where you can experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere and splendour of the Port of Fremantle The historic port has a its own unique style of accommodation including many turn of the century terrace houses used as Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

The Sunset Coast is for sun and beach lovers. The Sunset Coast stretches from Fremantle to Hillary's Boat Harbour. The pristine white sandy beaches of our coast are well renowned, and Perth has more days of sunshine than any other state capital in Australia. Accommodation options are numerous, with self-contained apartments overlooking the ocean, and many hotels, ranging from budget to 4 star. The coast is also a popular area for backpackers and caravaners.

Visitors may want/require long term accommodation to plan for an extended stay in Perth. There are associations which can help organise this type of accommodation.