Movie Classifications

G Rating Suitable for all viewers. It is noted by the board that a "G" movie rating in Australia doesn't indicate the movie is intended for children, simply that nothing in the movie will be disturbing or harmful to children.
P Rating Parental Guidance recommended for children under 15 years of age.
M Rating 15 + Mature, recommended for audiences 15 years and over. Note: this is not a legally restricted Australian movie rating, but movies in this category cannot be recommended for those under 15 years.
MA Rating 15+ Mature Accompanied. This category is legally restricted in that children under 15 cannot see "MA" films or rent them on video unless accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.
R Rating 18+ Restricted. This category is legally restricted to adults. No one under 18 may view these movies in a cinema or rent them on videocassette.
X rating 18+ Restricted. This rating.applies to sexually explicit material which is restricted to viewers 18 years of age and over.

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