Night Life

Perth has a large selection of pubs and nightclubs to cater for all types of tastes. The main nightclub area in Perth is Northbridge, located just over the railway line from the city centre, and only a few minutes walk from the train and buses. Northbridge is about four blocks long by four blocks wide. In this area you will find about 20 nightclubs, 10 pubs, and over 100 eating establishments. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days and nights at Northbridge, but there is always a great atmosphere any day of the week.

A Perth tradition is to go to the pub on a Sunday afternoon. This tradition is known as going for a "Sunday Session". The Sunday Session provides a perfect excuse to finish the weekend with your friends and a few drinks, perhaps looking out over the majestic Swan River, before going back to work on a Monday morning. With the fantastic climate that Perth has, most of the Sunday Sessions are based around beer gardens, sometimes overlooking the ocean or Swan River. The sessions start in the early afternoon and usually end around 9pm. Many pubs have "happy hours" where the prices for alcohol are discounted also. The popular Sunday Sessions are the OBH , Cottesloe Hotel, Leederville, and The Grosvenor. Some places are so popular that you may have to line up to get in after 6pm. Light snack food may be served, but most of the pubs are close to cafe's and fast food outlets.

The majority of the nightclubs in Perth are located in Northbridge, with a few being scattered around the outer suburbs, such as Joondalup, Scarborough, Subiaco, Vic Park and Fremantle. Some nightclubs may charge an entrance fee to enter the club. This fee may range from about five to twelve dollars depending on the night and the event. Expect drink prices to be a little higher in clubs than pubs. Around $6 for a standard spirit mix, $7 for bottled drinks, and $4 for what locals refer to as a "middie" of beer. Photo ID is required in most cases to enter the nightclubs so make sure you remember your ID - the legal age for drinking alcohol is 18 in Australia. The Metropolis Concert Club in Northbridge is Perth's largest night club and has over six levels, it is well worth a visit. Other popular nightclubs in Perth are The Church, The Jackal, and Club A. Most of these clubs are open well into the morning, with cafe's such as Vultures a perfect way to rest those tired bodies afterwards with a late snack.

Perth has two large free entertainment magazines listing upcoming concerts and night club events. The two magazines are Xpress, which comes out every Thursday, and Hype, which comes out every fortnight on a Thursday. These magazines can be found at most newsagents, music stores, pubs, bottle shops and some restaurants.