The West Australian Football League

Western Australia has its football league, and it is known as Westar Rules or the WAFL. Westar Rules was formed in 1885, but was originally known as the Western Australian Football League. 1997 saw the introduction of the first new club for over 60 years in Peel Thunder that gives football supporters in the southern part of the state their own regional team.

Claremont Football Club - Claremont Tigers
East Fremantle Football Club - East Fremantle Sharks
East Perth Football Club - East Perth Royals
Peel Football Club - Peel Thunder
Perth Football Club - Perth Demons
South Fremantle Football Club - South Fremantle Bulldogs
Subiaco Football Club - Subiaco Lions
Swan Districts Football Club - Swan District Swans
West Perth Football Club - Joondalup Falcons

The Official WAFL site is at: www.wafootball.com.au/wafl