Cricket is one of the most popular summer sports in Australia. The premier domestic competition in Australia is the Pura Milk Cup (formerly known as the Sheffield Shield competition), with the Western Australian team known as the Western Warriors. Although the Western Australian cricket team were only granted full status in the Pura Milk Cup (the state 4 day test series) competition in 1956, they have proved to be tough rivals for the eastern state teams, having claimed the Sheffield Shield over 10 times since 1968. They are also tough competitors in the one day matches, having won the 1999/2000 competition year. The WA State cricket team was renamed the Western Warriors in 1994 and cricket fans have always provided strong support for their team. Go and see a game and support the local team! The skill shown and the lively atmosphere make it a great day, or night, out!

West Australia also has a Womens team representing the state in the Women's National Cricket League. The league was established in 1996/97. From 1930 through to 1995/96 the competition took the form of a two week tournament, since the establishment of the WNCL, the format changed to a season long competition, concluding in a best-of-three finals series. The Western Fury are the national squad for Western Australia.

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