Any time is good for fishing in WA but the warmer months, from November to March, are particularly rewarding. Not only is the weather ideal for early morning and twilight expeditions, but the Swan River becomes estuarine and many of the local marine species move into its waters to feed.

River anglers can fish by boat or from the shore. The area from the river mouth at Fremantle up to Mosman Bay is the most productive with its many bridges, jetties and the famous Blackwall Reach easily accessible and safe for youngsters. River species you are likely to catch include Bream, Cobbler, Flathead, Flounder, Herring, Skipjack and Tailor. Crabs and prawns...for which you don¹t need a licence...are also abundant in summer months.

Land-based ocean fishing spots include the North Mole (follow the signs to Rous Head). At the South Mole, near the river mouth, it¹s not unusual to find Bream, Herring, Garfish, Mackerel, Skipjack and Tailor. The same species can be hooked at the groynes surrounding Challenger, Fishing Boat and Success Boat harbours in Fremantle. Ocean-going fisherpeople will find good supplies of squid, as well as Herring, Snapper and Whiting in the Cockburn Sound. Bald-Chinned Groper, King George Whiting, Pink Snapper and Samson fish frequent the off-shore reefs around Fremantle. Further out into pelagic waters beyond Rottnest, where the Leeuwin current comes through, you may find Marlin and sometimes even Tuna.

If it¹s the bigger fish that you¹re after, why not treat yourself to a fishing boat charter? Prices start from around $75 and include all gear and tackle. When it comes to bait, we suggest you check with the local tackle shop to see what¹s biting. Fleets for Tackle at 66B Adelaide Street, Fremantle is open seven days a week, including Thursday evening and from 1-5pm Sunday.

Fishing Western Australia is WA's best fishing program on television. You can catch it each week on Channel 9 at 5.30pm on Saturdays. It shows WA at its best, it promises the best fishing action you've ever seen. It will provide you will excellent fishing hints to fish around the lovely fishing spots of Perth.

A fishing licence is not required for most of the species you¹re likely to catch. However, you¹ll need to know what the bag limits for each species are, so pick up a copy of the free guidebook available at most fishing and tackle outlets. You¹ll need a licence if you¹re after Rock Lobster or Marron (respectively, salt and fresh water crayfish). You¹ll also need one for Abalone. Licences can be obtained during office hours and at moderate cost from the Fisheries Department, 3rd Floor SGIO Atrium, 168-170 St Georges Tce, Perth, or from any post office. Phone 9482 7333.