Perth Motorplex

From the outset the design of the Motorplex had to achieve some special results.

All seating areas are on the straights, to remove race fans from the line of fire on the corners. During special events or shows, the majority of the fans are seated along the "drag strip", where the cars line up for their races, as there is grandstand type seating overlooking the road on both sides of the track.

Driver and rider safety was improved by having a seperate motorcycle track inside the car track. This ensured that riders would not be hindered by any debris or oil dropped by car racing and vice versa.

Track material and preparation is completely different for cars and motorcycles and the separate tracks gives the ability to maximise the race performance and safety by avoiding compromises that make racing much harder than it is already.The width of the motorcycle track is 12 metres in the straight and 15 metres in the turns with the car track being 22 metres wide all around making it considerably wider than many Motorplexes and has already provided some incredible action with cars coming down the straights - 3 and 4 wide! The length of the car track is 500 metres however the turns are tighter and more banked allowing longer straights. The banking has been designed by engineering specialists to create more passing lines through the turns with gentle transitions in and out of the straights. The result is more exciting racing requiring drivers to challenge the different racing lines that are available.

The safety barriers are concrete and 1.2 metres high and spaced a large distange in front of the spectator area. This ensures any crashing vehicles do not slide through the barrier into the spectator area. On top of the concrete barriers themselves, there is fencing raising sky high to catch any debris coming off vehicles and to prevent them from crashing over the safety barriers.

Getting There

The Perth Motorplex, Kwinana Beach is conveniently located in Perth's southern suburbs less than 30 minutes from the City centre.

Those travelling down the Kwinana Freeway from the Northern suburbs take the Anketell Rd exit. The Perth Motorplex entrance is only 100 metres from the corner of Rockingham Rd and Anketell Rd.

People from the Mandurah area would use the new freeway access heading north - again exiting left at the Anketell Rd off ramp while those coming from Rockingham would use Patterson Road and Rockingham Rd before turning right into Anketell Rd.Those coming from the Fremantle area it is as simple as left into Anketell Rd after travelling south down Rockingham Rd.

No matter where you live - all roads lead to the The Perth Motorplex!

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