Perth Airports
Perth Airport has separate domestic and international terminals. The international terminal is on the south side of the runway, and the domestic terminals are on the north side. The domestic terminal is broken into two terminals, one for Qantas and the other for a variety of other domestic airline services.

Perth International Terminal
The Perth International Terminal acts as a gateway to Australia for visitors from Africa and Asia, and is as close as five hours flying time from Asia. The airport has between 35 and 40 flights a day, with 17 different airlines servicing the state. The airport was completed in 1986 for the ever increasing number of tourists visiting Western Australia, and for the America's Cup. The airport is well laid out, and includes many modern facilities to ease your arrival or departure from Western Australia. Before you go through immigration on arrival you will be able to do last minute duty free shopping.

Perth Domestic Terminal
The Domestic Airlines running through Perth offer a choice to patrons flying interstate or within Western Australia itself. Perth is serviced mainly by Qantas Airlines, but also has several smaller internal airlines to offer more choice to customers. The domestic airport previously also served as the international airport, until the new international terminal was opened in 1986. Since the opening of the new international terminal, renovations have been made and now the domestic terminal consists of two main buildings, one for Qantas and the other for smaller internal domestic airlines. Both terminals are very comfortable and have modern facilities to ease your arrival or departure from Perth.

Jandakot Airport
Jandakot airport is located approximately ten kilometres from the city centre, and is primarily used as a light aircraft airport. The airport also has regular flights to Rottnest Island and scenic flights around the metropolitan area.

Flying time from Perth to other cities
Adelaide 2 hours 40 mins
Amsterdam 17 hours 40 mins
Auckland 6 hours 40 mins
Bangkok 6 hours 40 mins
Frankfurt 17 hours 10 mins
Hong Kong 7 hours 25 mins
Jakarta 3 hours 40 mins
Johannesburg 10 hours 20 mins
Kuala Lumpur 5 hours 10 mins
London 17 hours 55 mins
Los Angeles 18 hours 40 mins
Melbourne 3 hours 20 mins
San Francisco 18 hours 20 mins
Singapore 4 hours 50 mins
Sydney 4 hours
Tokyo 9 hours 50 mins
Vancouver 18 hours 25 mins

Airport Facilities Available

Baggage Storage
Baggage storage facilities are available at both the Domestic and International Terminals.

Baggage Trolleys
Baggage trolleys can be found outside the terminal at the drop off and pick up points, as well as inside the customs hall for arriving passengers. There may be a small fee for the use of the trolleys.

A shuttle bus service, the Perth Airport Connect, runs between the international and domestic terminals to the city centre and Fremantle. The bus service stops at the major hotels, and the service costs from $18 for a single fare from the international terminal and from $15 for a single person from the domestic terminal. A public bus service operated by Transperth also operates between the two terminals and the city centre. The route numbers are 200, 201, 202, 208, and 209, and the cost is approximately $6. Buses are just one of the ways to get around Perth, different modes of transportation are available, depending on where you would like to go.

Car Parking
Public car parking is available in front of the Domestic and International Terminals. The charges are signposted at the entrance to the carpark. Long term parking is also available.

Check In
International passengers should arrive three hours before the departure of their flight. Domestic passengers should arrive one hour before departure. There are no boarding calls made, so check the departure board for details.

Currency Exchange
The International Terminal has foreign exchange facilities available on the ground and second floors. There are many other facilities in Perth with differing exchange rates. The currency of Perth comes in the form of coins and notes used in Australia.

Departure Tax
An international departure tax of $38 is payable for every person over the age of twelve. This tax can be paid at the airport, and must be paid in order to leave the country. Some travel agents will include this tax in the cost of the ticket, so check with your travel agent.

Disabled Facilities
Disabled facilities are available throughout the airport. These facilities include wheelchairs, toilets, ramps, telephones, lifts, and car parking.

Duty Free Shops
Duty free shopping is available at the International Terminal and throughout the city, particularly in the CBD and Fremantle,

Illicit Drugs
Australia has very strict laws about the importation, possession, and use of illicit drugs. Airports in Australia all have sophisticated techniques for detection of illicit drugs. Anyone found guilty of breaking Australian laws relating to illicit drugs can expect to be punished, and usually gaoled.

A message board is located at both the International and Domestic Terminals for arriving passengers. The messages should be left with the arriving passengers' airline.

No Smoking
Both terminals are smoke-free areas. Smokers must extinguish their cigarettes etc. before entering any terminal.

Observation Deck
An observation deck is available at both the Domestic and International Airport to allow you to get a closer view of the planes in action, and wish your friends bon voyage.

Rental Cars
All the major car rental companies have counters at both the International and Domestic Terminals for anyone who wishes to hire a car.

If you would prefer not to drive, then taxis can be found at the front of both the Domestic and International Terminals. The Domestic Terminal is 11 kilometres north-east of the city, a journey of approximately 20 minutes and costing approximately $30 by taxi. The International Terminal is 16 kilometres north-east of the city, a journey of approximately 30 minutes and costing approximately $38 by taxi.

Transfers to either the International or Domestic Terminals are available on the Perth Airport Bus Service. The bus service leaves from in front of the terminal and is well sign posted. The trip should take approximately 10 - 15 minutes.

Western Australia is very strict on which animal and food products can be brought into the state. Large rubbish bins are clearly marked for all plants, fruit, and animal products which should be disposed of as you enter the terminals. If you are not sure about something you intend to bring into the state, then declare it to customs officials.