Perth has a large number of cycleways that link the city from Fremantle to Hillarys. Riding a bike along the ocean or river is a perfect way to do some exercise and enjoy the warm beautiful weather of Perth. The cycle paths are smooth, safe, and easy to follow. It is illegal to ride a bike in Western Australia without a helmet, this law also applies to Rottnest Island. 

There are several bike hire kiosks along the Perth Esplanade where you can hire a bike on an hourly basis. After you've hired your bike you can experience one of the most popular rides in Perth around the bridges. The cycle path goes around the river and crosses the narrows and causeway bridges. The path is very flat and runs right along side the river's edge. There is plenty to do along the way with plenty of wildlife to stop and watch as well as a fantastic view of the city to stop and take a photo of.

Kings Park has fantastic views of the city and a number of cycle paths around the park. These paths are an easy ride and join with paths that lead to the river. Bikes are also available to hire here.

If you visit Rottnest Island hire a bike. It's the fastest, cheapest, easiest, and best way to see the island. The island doesn't have cars for hire, the only vehicles on the island are maintenance vehicles and buses. It's has good roads to ride on and plenty of beautiful beaches and things to explore. You can either hire a bike on the island, or take your own.

If you would like to know more about cycling in Perth contact Bikewest, a division of Transperth that is involved in the promotion and development of cycling in Western Australia. Other cycling organizations in Western Australia are the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, and the Perth Mountain Bike Club.

Trains and bikes
Bicycles are are permitted on Fastrak trains outside of peak hours only. Bicycles are not permitted on trains during peak hours which are from 7 - 9 am and 4:30 - 6:30 pm.

A valid ticket must be purchased for the person travelling on the train as well as the bicycle. The standard fare for a bike is an adult 1-zone ticket and is valid all day. Tickets can be purchased at the automatic vending machines at the train stations, or by using a multirider ticket.

The easiest place to board and dismount the trains with a bicycle is the end carriages. There is no special area for bikes, but the end carriages have seats that run lengthways down the aisle and allow for quick access on and off the trains.

Bike lockers are avaliable at most train station however you will need to provide your own padlock. Bike lockers at provided free of charge at most stations.

Buses and bikes
Bikes are not normally permitted on buses.

Ferries and bikes
Bikes are allowed on the Transperth ferries at the discretion of the skipper. It's advisable to try to avoid the peak hours if you need to take a bike on the ferries. The ferries travelling to and from Rottnest allow bikes. A fee may be charged for this service, or it may be built in to the cost of the trip. Check with ferry company for details. 

Bike Hire Outlets in Perth
About Bike Hire
Point Fraser Reserve
(Causeway Carpark)
1-7 Riverside Drive
Perth, WA
Phone: (08) 9221 2665
View Website
Rottnest Island Bike Hire
Rottnest Island
Phone: (08) 9292 5105
Cnr Bedford Ave & Welsh Road
Rottnest Island, WA, 6161
View Website
Gecko Bike Hire
PO Box 537
Maylands WA, 6931
Phone: 0439 989 610
View Website
Cycle Centre
313 Hay St
East Perth, WA, 6004
Phone: (08) 9325 1176
View Website