All the taxis are meter operated by time and distance, and operate twenty four hours a day. Taxis are indicated as being vacant by an illuminated sign on the roof and can be pre-booked by phone or on the internet. Taxis can also be hailed on the street or found at taxi ranks throughout the city, at popular night spots, popular shopping centres, and of course at the airport. It is recommended that you phone and book your taxi in advance so as to avoid delays, particularly on weekends. If you find yourself stuck in the city with no taxi in sight, find the nearest taxi rank, as even in busy periods, these taxi ranks will, most likely, be well serviced.

The ride from the international airport to the city is approximately thirty minutes, and costs around $35.00 - $45.00. The ride from the domestic airport to the city is approximately twenty minutes and costs around $30.00. - $40.00. This service is more economical then catching an airport shuttle bus if you have more than two passengers. A ground transport services fee is payable for buses, taxis and pre booked limos leaving the airport.

Taxis for the disabled

A taxi service is available for disabled passengers. This service operates twenty four hours a day and it is recommended that you book twenty four hours in advance to avoid delays. This service can be booked on (08) 9422 2240.

Black & White Taxis
357 Fauntleroy Ave
Perth Domestic Airport
Phone 131 008
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Disabled Taxi Service
Phone (08) 9422 2240

Swan Taxis
Phone 13 13 30
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