Shopping Arcades

Malls in Perth City

Map References

1 WA Tourism Commission
2 Myer
3 David Jones
4 His Majesty's Theatre
5 Town Hall
6 Train Station
7 Bus Station

Forrest Place

Forrest Place is a large square that has Myer, the General Post Office, Murray street mall, and the railway station, looking onto it. The square has a large stage that sometimes hosts live performances, and it is a good spot to eat your lunch in the warm summer weather. The Tourist Bureau is located next to the GPO and provides information and booking services for major events, accommodation, and activities in Western Australia. Have a look at the West Australian Tourist commission web site.

Carillion Arcade

Carillion (pronounced Kah-rill-yon) Arcade is situated between the Murray and Hay street malls. The arcade has a large range of shops over four levels, including fashion, gifts and a large food hall that caters for all tastes and is open till late. The Perth Tourist Lounge is located on the second floor of the Arcade and is a great spot to find information about attractions and events in Perth.

London Court Arcade

The London Court arcade, with its replica of Westminster Abbey's Big Ben face, is one of Perth's better known attractions. Tourists can be found standing in the Hay street mall admiring the beautiful craftsmanship and watching the four knights in the clock fight on the quarter hour. The arcade has fashion, souvenirs, and food, and is a must see for any visitors to Perth. The London Court arcade is open seven days a week and runs from the Hay street mall to St George's Terrace.

City Arcade

City Arcade is one of Perth's more popular arcades. It can be accessed from either the Hay or Murray street malls, and it has a footbridge that links it to Myer and Forrest Chase. The arcade has four levels of shops and includes a food hall and access to the Carillon arcade that runs parallel to it.

Plaza Arcade

Plaza Arcade is opposite Myers in the Murray street mall, or London Court in the Hay street mall. The arcade has a large number of stores that specialize in souvenirs and Australian merchandise.

Trinity Arcade

Trinity Arcade is split over two levels and links Hay street mall with St George's Terrace. It is well worth the walk through to look at the old architecture, and it has a Dome Cafe that over looks the Terrace.