Swan Valley Map

wineries map

Please view the Swan Valley's extensive wineries and detailed Information.

As well as the larger, popular wineries, like Sandalford and Houghton (whose grounds are unparalleled for a picnic), there are also many boutique and family run wineries in the Swan Valley.

Map References
1 Riverbank estate winery
2 Pinelli winery
3 Sandalford
4 Little River Wines
5 Henley Park Wines
6 Swanbrook Estate winery
7 Westfield Wines
8 Twin Hills winery
9 Lamont winery & restaurant
10 Talijancich Wines
11 Sittela winery
12 Houghtons
13 Garbin winery
14 Jane Brook Estate
Almost all of the wineries are open for tastings Monday to Saturday and many are open on Sunday as well.