Duty Free

Duty free stores are the perfect way for international visitors to purchase goods tax free. Duty free stores are not just restricted to the airport, stores can be found in the City, Fremantle, and of course at the international airport. Competition between stores is intense so prices are good, and they carry a wide range of electrical goods, cameras, jewelry, perfumes, alcohol, clothing, and Australian souvenirs. Some specialty shops throughout the city and metropolitan area also offer duty free goods to overseas visitors, ask if this option is available when you go to purchase your goods.

The amount of duty free goods travellers may take into each country varies with each country's regulations. Ask your duty free shop for advice! When returning into Australia with your duty free goods, each adult is allowed to have only $900 Australian worth of selected tax free goods, plus 2.25L of alcohol and 250 cigarettes. Goods in excess of this amount may incur a fee, usually the Goods and Service Tax of 10% on the excess amount

To make a purchase from a Duty Free store you only require a valid Airline Ticket, or if on a cruise, a passenger cruise ticket. You may purchase your goods within 30 days of your departure. The duty free goods will be sealed in a plastic bag and must remained unopened until you clear customs and immigration at the international terminal.

Cameraland Camera House & Duty Free
201 Oxford Street
Leederville, Western Australia, 6007
Phone: (08) 9242 1855
Fax (08) 9242 1883
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Downtown Duty Free
709 Hay Street Mall
Perth, Western Australia 6000
Phone (08) 9321 7882

First Tax & Duty Free
Perth International Airport
Horrie Miller Drive, Newburn, Western Australia 6104
Phone (08) 9477 1533
Fax (08) 9477 1747
Free Call 1800 733 000
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JR Duty Free
772 Hay Street
Perth, WA, 6000
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